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Travel Archives - DAVID DELAROSA
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    Grand Prix F1 of Monaco 2012

    My first Grand Prix F1 Race in Monaco

    In 2012, the Grand Prix F1 of Monaco took place at the same time as Cannes Film Festival. We could not pass on this chance to see the most prestigious race in the world. Continue Reading

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    Cannes Film Festival 2012

    My Second trip To Cannes Film Festival

    One year after our first trip to Cannes Film Festival, we had the chance to be invited for a second time to present our new short film “Northern Abductions” at the Short Film Corner. Continue Reading

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    Monaco 2011

    Throwback Thursday – Monaco 2011

    Since we were in Cannes for two weeks for the 2011 Film Festival, we decided to make a short trip to Monaco. Continue Reading